Program Overview

In the increasingly project-oriented business world, across the private, not-for-profit and public sectors, the abilities to plan projects, manage budgets, communicate objectives and negotiate with stakeholders gives you a competitive edge and makes you a valuable leader.

Master of Science in Project and Program Management

Brandeis University’s Master of Science in Project and Program Management is designed to provide you with an integrated, interdisciplinary understanding of the skills required to manage projects and programs at various levels of corporate operations. The program curriculum, which is consistent with (though not bound by) the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), helps provide you with the competitive edge that could help you advance into the field of project management.

A master’s degree adds tremendous value to your professional skill set, and is a good investment in yourself and your career. It is an indication of your willingness to apply yourself to acquire a comprehensive understanding of your field of interest. Through this master’s degree you can also learn important leadership skills, and improve your ability to collaborate with stakeholders to attain shared goals. You can broaden your experience, develop powerful professional skills and widen your job prospects.

Master’s Degree Overview

Project managers work with teams to create distinct products and services. Successful project managers know how to get the best from their team and resources to ensure the quality delivery of negotiated scope within defined time and budget limits. Managing projects and programs brings together the hard skills of planning, estimating and budgeting with the [...]

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Master’s Degree Curriculum

Brandeis University’s Master of Science in Project and Program Management consists of 10 courses (30 credits total, seven required courses and three electives). Courses are 10 weeks long and there are three entry points per year. The majority of students enroll in one or two courses per session. The Foundations of Project Management course (RPJM [...]

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Distinguished Instructors

There are more than 70 instructors teaching in GPS, many of whom teach in the MS in Project and Program Management. All are working professionals who bring their real-world project management experience into the classroom, ensuring that courses are current, fresh and relevant. The profiles of the MS in Project and Program Management instructors are [...]

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Course Descriptions

“Instructors start a discussion and effectively cause students to think ‘outside the box’ to address key road blocks, which builds further understanding of management concepts.” Dee Dung, student in the Professional Communications, Foundations of Project Management, and Organizational Leadership and Decision Making courses.

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Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Science in Project and Program Management can: Lead successful projects and manage the project lifecycle in all its phases in a way that assures the delivery of the negotiated scope and quality level, while meeting time and budget constraints Effectively communicate the project/program status, issues, expectations and risks, both verbally [...]

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Career Paths

Professionals with a Master of Science in Project and Program Management from Brandeis University will find that their project management expertise is needed in a number of industries, from software and manufacturing to construction and finance. Job titles of project/program management professionals vary across organizations and reflect a number of career options, including: Project manager [...]

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Motivators and Employers

Motivators Our students are motivated to take this program because they are: Looking to advance in the field of project/program management Seeking a means to differentiate themselves and to increase the opportunity for a promotion in their field, with increased compensation Looking to immediately apply the skills learned in the program to their career Interested [...]

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PMI Integration

Brandeis University’s Master of Science in Project and Program Management program combines rigorous theory and practice to help prepare project management professionals to stay competitive in their field. This program was developed by an experienced team of PMI (Project Management Institute) advisors and experienced project management professionals. Following the recommendations of our program chair and [...]

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Online Learning Benefits

Online education can be even more satisfying than traditional classroom learning because it focuses on you. You learn from the convenience of your home or office, at the time of day that suits you, while maintaining communication with instructors and fellow students. The structure of our online courses ensures all the participants in your course [...]

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Student Success Stories

Testimonials from current students and graduates Our students are passionate about their experience at Brandeis. Students feel that the most important benefits of being an MSPPM student include: Learning to develop innovative methodologies and explore new theories Gaining the knowledge and skills that will help them advance in their professional careers Learning and discussing best [...]

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