Master's Degree Curriculum

Brandeis University’s Master of Science in Project and Program Management is ten courses in length (30 credits total, seven required courses and three electives). Courses are ten weeks long and there are four entry points per year. The majority of students enroll in one or two courses per term.

The Foundations of Project Management course (RPJM 101), must be taken first and preferably alone. If necessary, it can be taken concurrently with Professional Communications (RCOM 102). Project Scheduling and Control (RPJM 103) must be taken no later than two sessions after Foundations of Project Management (RPJM 101).

Required Courses:


Elective Courses (Choose three):

“There is a need for research in certain arenas. One is to look at Agile methods versus traditional. They’re in opposite camps and both have strong marketing engines to sell their approaches. There are companies that have a mandate from the top to use Agile, and those that have a mandate to do the more conventional project methodologies. I’ve tried to have my students look closely at the methods, trying to find ways to tailor elements out of both methods to get people where they need to be. There are a lot of myths out there about the methods and what they can and cannot do…The key is to find methods that are appropriately morphed to fit corporate needs.”Anne Marando, in an excerpt from “The State of PM Research in American Universities” Project Manager Today, 2011.

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