Building Strong Negotiation Skills for Project Leaders

Building Strong Negotiation Skills for Project Leaders Whether it’s a raise at work or the date and time of a family gathering, most people use negotiation on a regular basis. However, project leaders must negotiate projects that can impact entire organizations and industries, and building strong negotiation skills in project management requires both time and [...]

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An Overview of Agile Project Management

Utilizing Agile methods to manage projects can help to greatly benefit company delivery schedules and budgets.

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Understanding the Difference Between Leadership and Management

View this infographic to learn more about the qualities of a true leader, the cost of poor leadership and the best practices for developing leadership talent.

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What makes a great project manager?

Companies typically dedicate a lot of resources towards finding new clients and revenue generating projects. However, an equal amount of resources should also be directed towards finding the right project manager (PM). Each new project will come with numerous unique challenges and your project manager needs to have the skills, diplomacy and talents needed to [...]

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Goal-setting 101: Why SMART Goals are Important to Project Success

Goal-setting 101: Why SMART Goals are Important to Project Success Goals can be an important factor in project success. But not every goal is created equal. Find out why it is essential for project managers to set SMART goals for their teams. To learn more, checkout the infographic below created by Brandeis University’s Masters Degree [...]

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How Clear Communication Contributes To Successful Project Management

Communication skills are the foundation of effective project management and are also the key to meeting goals on time and within budget. The implementation of the best practices from highly successful organizations should be considered to obtain better outcomes. The infographic below, created by Brandeis University’s Masters in Project Management Online Program takes a closer [...]

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How to Improve Meeting Efficiency and Productivity

Don’t Have A Seat: Stand-up Meetings Save Time & Money Meetings are necessary for groups that work together. However, the activity is often marred by unproductive behavior, mediocre results, and large costs. Simple steps can be taken to increase efficiency and boost employee satisfaction as shown below. To learn more, checkout this infographic created by [...]

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Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Successful Leadership

Success in business is usually attributed to skills, hard work, smart risk-taking and clear thinking. However, one more key component contributes significantly to the effectiveness of a leader and the success of a business or project: emotional intelligence. Sometimes dismissed as a “soft” skill, emotional intelligence is now considered an important characteristic among employees to [...]

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A lesson on Workplace Motivation

What motivates us? As it turns out, there are several distinguishable attributes to why we do what we do. Motivation can be shallow or deep, and can ultimately depend on the kind of task someone is performing, whether it’s cognitive or mechanical.

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The Many Tasks of an Efficient Project Manager

Project managers are leaders with the ability to multitask in stressful situation. They are also fluid communicators, negotiators, planners, decision makers, and motivators. This infographic will take apart this complicated role and visually show the individual elements of project management.

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Breaking Through Communication Apprehension

This infographic will work as a guide to new public speakers, defining in detail what causes communication apprehension, statistics around the common side effects, and offer ways to prepare and avoid this anxiety all together.

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How Technology Has Changed the Meeting

How Technology Has Changed the Meeting As technology continues to advance, just about all aspects of society have been positively affected, to the point where it is difficult for many to imagine working in the modern day without such technological advances. As any business professional can attest, things such as communications, project management and presentations [...]

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Balance of Hard and Soft Skills

To be successful we need to define the measures for success, such as delivering business value, meeting time and budget expectations, and satisfying stakeholder needs. Once metrics are defined, we need to implement effective practices that balance hard and soft skills while avoiding common pitfalls. As many practicing project managers will report, this is not [...]

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Managing in a Virtual World: How PMs can effectively manage remote teams

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