How Technology Has Changed the Meeting

How Technology Has Changed the Meeting

As technology continues to advance, just about all aspects of society have been positively affected, to the point where it is difficult for many to imagine working in the modern day without such technological advances. As any business professional can attest, things such as communications, project management and presentations have all been positively affected by technological advances.

In the past many aspects of presentations and meetings were handled in accordance to what individuals were able to do in a manual environment. Individuals would provide vocal cues for their presentations and work with manual slideshows over drawing boards or larger articles of paper to provide their colleagues with a look into their business plans or strategies. They were limited by the technology of the time, which meant that they could not convey larger ideas over larger spaces.

In the present day, there are numerous mobile apps and programs that can allow individuals to spread their ideas over the Internet to others in their field. More than 92 percent of all managers also work with presentation software actively, making them priorities in the meeting room to convey ideas. Information can also be presented in a much more interactive way thanks to the advancements of modern technology, to the point where all those present in the room will be able to comment and learn more about the presentation. As technology continues to advance, many professionals believe that the need for a meeting room itself will disappear, as more advanced software and presentation platforms will become cheaper and easier to access.

To learn more about how technology has changed the modern meeting, check out this infographic created by Brandeis University’s Online Master of Science in Project and Program Management program.


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